Assess if Kirklands new warehousing operations exemplifies a state-of-the-art warehouse.

The warehouse has certainly entered an evolutionary process. It is no longer a four-walled beast intended to store “mistakes” in forecasting—called inventory—but is now an entity morphing into a more appropriately named “distribution center” (DC) designed to better enable product flow, and to reduce—even eliminate—storage. According to Don Derewecki, president of Gross & Associates (G&A), a logistics consulting firm based in Woodbridge, NJ, 80% of respondents are currently dealing with some form of value-added services (VAS) in their DCs. VAS is a collection of specific requirements mandated by customers, involving additional processing of a product or an order, above and beyond the simple picking of the product for an order. The results of Logistics Managements 2nd Annual Warehouse Operations Survey show VAS is rapidly becoming the norm rather than exception. With the rise of VAS, small manufacturing cells are inevitably making their way into
the layout of what were once pure storage and distribution operations. This years survey, based on the responses of more than 750 Logistics Management readers (79 percent of whom are mid-level or upper level logistics and supply chain managers), uncovered even more illuminating details regarding todays distribution centers. This article describes what todays distribution center looks like, how operations are changing, expounds on the importance of productivity rewards, assesses the role of technology, dissects the impact of the green movement, and shares how logistics professionals are preparing to meet future DC demands.

Case Assignment
Based on the readings, write a paper discussing contemporary warehousing functions and Warehouse Management Systems.

Assignment Expectations
Include discussion of the following:
Make sure you use the articles given in the background info!!!
•Contrast the differences between contemporary warehousing functions versus those of the recent past (25 years ago).
•Explain the role and importance Value Added Services (VAS), Cross-Docking, and other innovations play in contemporary Warehouse Management Systems (WMS).
•Assess if Kirklands new warehousing operations exemplifies a “state-of-the-art” warehouse.
?Explain the importance of warehouses to organizations.
?Describe some of the recent trends in warehousing.

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