Apply and integrate concepts from the course readings in your analysis.

Resources: Literature Review section of Draft 1 of your proposal, Ch. 6 of Issel (2014), and Ch. 9 (pages 111-116) of Longest (2015)

Conduct an in-depth critical review of health care programs similar to those from your Literature Review section of your proposal.

Identify ideas relating to the program topic that present theories on the effectiveness of program intervention and evaluation strategies.

Write a critical review and analysis of two or more peer-reviewed articles.  You may also use examples of similar programs discussed in scholarly readings.

  • The review should be no longer than 1,225 words.
  • Apply and integrate concepts from the course readings in your analysis.

Include the following in your critical review. Use scholarly resources to support your viewpoint for each:

  • A comparison of the programs
  • A description of why some program intervention and evaluation strategies are more effective than others.
  • The stated or perceived program evaluation theories behind each of the programs
  • An analysis of whether your program is in alignment with similar programs in terms of program purpose, program theory, interventions, stakeholders, resources, goals, and objectives
  • A summary of the learning garnered in this assignment that can be applied to the development of your own program evaluation plan
  • Conclusions addressing what you will be adding and/or revising to the Literature Review section of your proposal
  • Potential goals and objectives to include in your proposal

Format your critical review consistent with APA guidelines.

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit the assignment.

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