Makaila Smith

Professor Evans

ENGL 1133 P09

30 October 2019

Annotated Bibliography I

Instructions for Part 1: In the table below, replace the sample material with a working title, topic description, and working thesis for your own research project. Remember that a working thesis (like a working title) is tentative and may change considerably as you develop your paper.

Working Title: Sex Trafficking, A Joking Matter

Topic Description: As I have seen on Twitter people make a huge joking matter about Sex trafficking. They do not take it as serious as it needs to be took. They are making television shows reenacting a kidnap for sex trafficking and it is not funny. In my Essay I will stress the fact that sex trafficking is not funny a joking matter and I will be pulling details about sex trafficking from different countries.

Working Thesis: The more we joke about people getting tricked or kidnapped into sex trafficking the less serious the topic becomes the more it will happen undetected.

Instructions for Part 2: In the tables below, replace the sample material with full APA citations and annotations for four sources, at least two of them academic. Your annotations should each be 100-150 words and accomplish the following:

1) Identify the central argument of the source. If the source is primarily informational, its argument might be implied rather than explicitly stated.

2) Identify the main type of evidence used to support the argument.

3) Evaluate the quality of the argument by referencing types of reasoning (inductive, deductive, analogical), the use of concessions and qualifiers, and/or logical fallacies.

Do not plagiarize your annotations from article abstracts or from the source texts themselves.

Source #1

Back✳️ I Follow. (2019, October 23). Retrieved October 30, 2019, from

This video shows how men in Nigeria take sex trafficking as a joke. The first man we see in the video appears to be talking on the phone and starts to get closer to this woman. As he precedes he blocks her in the path saying they could use her for their “ritual” as the woman fear for her life she screams as loud as she could and backs up and sits in the bushes. The man then tells the person on the phone to send his people. Him and his friends starts laughing as they explain to the women that it is just a television show, after she is informed she still shakes her head no in fear.

Source #2

Nigeria: Combating Sex Trafficking Through Girl-Child Mentorship. (2019). AllAfrica.Com (English). Retrieved from

This article is about teaching girls how to prevent sex trafficking and helping spread the word. In Nigeria there is a program called “Goal! Strong girls, Bright Future”. This program is “…aimed at developing the girl-child leadership skills, promoting

healthy living, wellness, and encouraging academic success.” (Combating Sex Trafficking, 2019). This program also brings in soccer (football) players from around to come and be an icon for the females in Nigeria. This program also teaches the young ladies how to avoid and speak up on sex trafficking. Reading this article I have discovered that sex trafficking is not just to blame on the women or kidnappers. Some of these females’ parents kick the girls out and into sex trafficking. This program teaches these ladies to go back home and explain to their parents or adult the dangers of sex trafficking and how it is so horrible. I believe this article uses the straw man fallacy because they have a program in place and the results they output is because of the program that was there.

Source #3

Rasheed Olaniyi. (2003). No Way out: The Trafficking of Women in Nigeria. Agenda: Empowering Women for Gender Equity, (55), 45. Retrieved from

Rasheed Olaniyi (2003) explains to us the trapping part of sex trafficking. She starts off page 45 giving us an example of how Nigerian pimps talk to the women who is sex working. This snippet also tells us how the United States is trying to handle those situations as well. Sex trafficking is mostly common for woman to be pushed into sex but it also involves males’ sex traffickers as well. Towards the end of this page it shows us the statistics of sex trafficking. How many people are moved and transferred and how much sex trafficking is costing in the United States. As I was reading this snippet I noticed the use of words that Olaniyi (2003) used and how powerful she was making it sound. I believe she used deductive argument in this page.

Source #4

Adebayo, B. (2019, August 27). Rescued trafficked women held in ‘abhorrent’ conditions in

Nigerian shelters, new report says. Retrieved from


(This is my forth source I didn’t get to finish reading it because I kept falling asleep and the deadline to turn it in was here. It is a news article over how a Nigerian woman got tricked into sex trafficking.)