Annotated Bibliography- Effects of Technology

Annotated Bibliography- Effects of Technology





Annotated Bibliography- Effects of Technology

Akram, Waseem, and Rekesh Kumar. “A study on positive and negative effects of social media on society.” International Journal of Computer Sciences and Engineering 5.10 (2017): 347-354.

The source is relevant to the topic for several reasons. The first is that it examines several negative effects of technology on society today. Second, the article is recent as it was published in 2017 in reputable journal, the International Journal of Computer Sciences. Social media has been a big part of technology, and many people have talked about the effects of social media. The article focuses specifically on social media which gives an in-depth perspective of its effects on society in general.

Berryman, Chloe, Christopher J. Ferguson, and Charles Negy. “Social media use and mental health among young adults.” Psychiatric quarterly 89.2 (2018): 307-314.

Social media has significant impact on mental health, especially with young people. The article examines the effects of social media on young people’s health by studying 467 young people using social media. The study found some negative effects including suicidal tendencies, loneliness, and decreased empathy. The article is relevant because it is quite recent and published in the Psychiatric Quarterly. It gives a comprehensive analysis on how social media affects the mental health of young people.