Annotated Bibliography and Argument Essay Research Proposal Assignment

Annotated Bibliography and Argument Essay Research Proposal Assignment

Hannah Sharpe

Professor Wyatt

English 102-913

20 February 2019

Annotated Bibliography and Argument Essay: Research Proposal Assignment

My research question states, “How does sleep deprivation affect the mental health of high school students in the United States?” This question needs to be asked because these habits will likely follow you to college where likely have more deadlines and urges to not get the proper amount of sleep. Another thing that you will likely take with you to college is your mindset which is extremely important. My current understanding of the topic is that sleep is necessary for energy and optimum brain function. I hope to understand the factors that contribute to sleep deprivation and the ways that students may be able to overcome these factors. I plan on growing my knowledge of sleep disorders with direct correlation to teenagers through my research. I plan on providing information on the symptoms and diagnostics procedure and treatment for sleep-related disorders such as insomnia, sleep apnea, delayed sleep phase syndrome, and narcolepsy. Taking full advantage of UA’s library resources for this bibliography, I will need to find sources such as: academic journals, research reports, and journal articles. I will extensively read through several of these in order to include a variety of perspectives and make sure all my information is accurate. The challenge I am facing right now is I am not sure what my paper will look like after I complete all of the research. I am just going to have to go into this with an open mind and just let my increasing knowledge guide the direction of my paper.