Analyze the health of the organizations financial report

Analyze the health of the organization’s financial report

Healthcare administrators are required to assess the financial and organizational health of health services delivery operations. They are often called upon to present strategies for fundraising for those organizations and must present to a variety of stakeholders, from the public to the board of directors. You’ll gain a better understanding of this process in this multipart assignment with deadlines over several weeks of the term. ASSIGNMENT REQUIREMENTS Assume the role of a CEO who is tasked with reviewing the organization’s current state and defining strategic goals to take your organization in a specified direction. To accomplish this, you will need to complete the following: PART 3 – FINANCIAL HEALTH ANALYSIS AND FUNDRAISING PLAN » Consider stakeholders, board members and overall organizational structure. » Are there multiple stakeholders with competing financial interests? If so, how would you negotiate and navigate through the differences? » Is the organization governed by a board of directors? Is it for profit or nonprofit? » Is it funded by stakeholders or the government? » Analyze the health of the organization’s financial report, review current budget and make recommendations for fundraising. » How did the organization perform last fiscal year? » What are some areas of great expenses that should be reviewed and curbed? » Are there possible opportunities for new streams of revenue? » How does your SWOT analysis inform the financial aspect or future financial growth of this organization?

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