Analyze and evaluate case information in a marketing context

From past experience, the most difficult aspect of case analysis for students is the idea of “analysis”. Most students simply repeat whats in the case in their own words or simply re-arrange the same information. While the latter is definitely desirable and helps students to break up the case into smaller components that can be analysed, analysis takes one further step and that is to explain, using the language of marketing, the implications of this information for the firm and the key decision makers. For many students, case analysis may be new at this stage of the subject. Each case study will be accompanied by a series of questions that need to be clearly addressed in formulating your response to the case. These will require careful consideration and answers will need to be based on the case information, concepts and theories covered during the subject. Following are some general guidelines on presentation and essay writing. Respond to each question in essay format with a short introduction, body and conclusion.

This assessment piece requires you to work individually to research and then present your solutions to the case questions (as per the tutorial guide) in a formal written document that is well structured and appropriately referenced. EACH question should be answered in essay style. An essay has an introduction, body and conclusion.

This written assessment task will help you attain the following learning outcomes:

? understand relevant marketing concepts and explain the concepts through application to the specific marketing case questions;

? Analyze and evaluate case information in a marketing context;

? using appropriate information sources, analyze information gathered to provide depth and breadth to marketing case answers; and

? demonstrate effective written communication skills and use of correct referencing method.

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