Analysis of Zulu Tribal Basket

Analysis of Zulu Tribal Basket

Title of essay: Analysis of Zulu Tribal Basket

Date: 21/06/2019

Writer’s name: Javon Rickman

1. This essay is about: The Zulu cultural basket from South Africa Museum, which represents the culture of the Zulu people, which has an importance of playing as a symbol of unity and as a source of income.

2. The three main points in this essay are:

a. Point: The basket has different designs, uses and is weaved majorly by women.

Supporting detail 1: there is the isilulu, iguthu, isichumo, and usambara which have completely different uses. For example, Isichumo is used to store drinks.

Supporting detail 2: Initially the baskets were weaved by men but currently the Zulu women while men go hunting and fishing.


 b. Point: The baskets act as a source of income to the Zulu community.

Supporting detail 1: The baskets represents the key changing role of women. Women decided to start selling the baskets in order to get funds in order to get funds after men went out.


Supporting detail 2: After weaving, the women go selling the baskets in the market for consumers to buy as well as take them to exhibitions for people to see them and pay for it.


c. Point: The baskets represent the culture of the Zulu people with the different patterns having different symbols of culture.

Supporting detail 1: Women came together while teaching each other how to weave the baskets. From the designs it was easy to understand the message displayed among the people of Zulu who understood the culture deeply.

Supporting detail 2: There were different patterns for example, points around the basket showed the number of cattle to be paid to the bride, diamond pattern represented the feminine while zigzag represented the masculine.

3. What do you (as the writer) most like about your essay? Zulu culture is an interesting culture with a lot detail to understand about it including the designs and reasons for weaving the basket. The Zulu culture is an interesting one more so, weaving baskets for income is a great step taken by women.